HECASERCO specialises in all kinds of new building work: We have constructed a large number of detached houses on the Costa del Sol. We have acted as the general contractor on turnkey projects with fixed prices for many luxury dwellings with beautiful swimming pools and also for high quality but less expensive houses in several developments in the province of Malaga. Our construction company has also built multi-family housing and residential development complexes. Their wide range of styles includes traditional architecture with a lot of decorative detail, as well as compact, elegant, modern structures, but always in compliance with up-to-date regulations and quality standards for high buildings. HECASERCO, together with other construction companies in the province of Malaga, has been working ahead of some building regulations, as we were already applying the Spanish Technical Building Code years before it came into force. As a construction company with wide-ranging capabilities, HECASERCO also builds industrial units and new commercial premises and shops.