Our values

Some of our core values that make us stand out from more direct competition, as well as other companies in the sector, and which define how we perform and operate in business, are:


We address our responsibilities in a professional and efficient manner, the final aim being to comply with what has been agreed.

Mejora Continua

We monitor our own actions so they serve as a basis for setting ourselves new targets in the future.

Responsabilidad Social

Responsabilidad social: Como empresa comprometida con la sociedad que le rodea, respondemos ante las necesidades e intereses de nuestros clientes internos (los empleados), proveedores y clientes.


Establishing and consolidating collaborative business relations and trust with suppliers; involving them in the organisation and follow-up of services.

Cumplimiento Normativa

Ensuring fulfilment of legal requirements and regulations established regarding environmental matters, quality, labour, work-related risk prevention, as well as any others affecting our area of business.


Carrying out our work whilst focussing on maximum client satisfaction by means of applying constantly revised quality standards and an undertaking to guarantee our work that goes way beyond legally authorised periods.

Orientación Al Cliente

We are a structured and flexible organisation dedicated to bringing added value to how we deal with the requirements of our clients.

Respeto Al Cliente

Fundamental points in our company philosophy include attending to and satisfying the requirements of our clients with quality service and professionalism.

Respecto A La Prevención

HECASERCO is deeply aware of work-related risk prevention, placing all means at its disposal to ensure that work is carried out under optimum safety conditions.

Respeto Al Medio Ambiente

As a company that is committed to our planet and being conscious of the problems existing in our society, we endeavour to cause the least possible environmental impact.

Respeto A Las Personas

We have created an environment that allows people to develop their abilities, their creativity and their motivation so our clients are attended to in a satisfactory way. 

Nuestro Grado De Perfección

Our level of perfection, inherited and developed in this second generation, continues throughout all our construction work as our stamp of distinction, distinguishing us from the rest of the construction companies in the area. This unique way of working has been captured by all personnel making up our team, following the introduction by our founder of his expertise and exclusive way of working.