Real Estate

Thinking about selling property in Costa del sol?
The Costa del Sol is still one of the most ideal and active places for investors looking for a second home or real estate investment.

Given the complexity of the market and its competitive and unpredictable environment, managing real estate can be more complex than it seems. At HECASERCO, our experts help you every step of the way, advising you and guiding you through the appropriate procedures. We also place your home in the first search results for better sales thanks to the help of our Marketing team.

We offer:
♦ An expert, multi-lingual staff in the Estepona area,

♦ Legal collection

♦ Real valuation of your property as of today,

♦ Publication of your property in our web portals

♦ Publication of your property in our magazine

♦ Sending your property to the buyers' database

♦ Publication of your property in the window of our main office on the New Golden Mile (Nueva Milla de Oro)

♦ Promotion of your property in our network of more than 125 agents in the Costa del Sol

♦ A professional photographer at no additional cost

It is essential that a property is introduced and exposed in the best possible way with a realistic price. Our professional team will communicate with you about the price of your property, ensuring that it conforms to its realistic price on the market today. In addition, we will take you through the commission, sales process and Sales Agreement step by step.

In order to sell your property, it must be legal and comply with Decree 218/05. This decree was implemented in 2005 following recommendations by the Consumer Ombudsman and legally requires specific documentation to be in order and delivered to the selling agent before property is put up for sale. This documentation must be available for the buyer's interest.

The collection agent requires the following in order to sell property in accordance with the law:

♦ Copy of the deed - This document contains all relevant data on the owner and property and confirms the legality of the building. This document can only be provided by the owner.

Simple note – with validity for less than three months. If we have the deed, we can get this on your behalf at no additional cost.

♦ Current copy of the IBI – paid annually.

♦ Copy of garbage receipt – paid annually. We can obtain a copy of the IBI and Garbage receipt with authorization from the owner.

♦ Community payments and how much, if any, is still owed.

As part of our service, we will make sure that you have high resolution images of your property. The photos of your property are the most important aspects for selling your home. They are the first thing a potential buyer sees to make a decision or make a first visit. For this reason, the property must be well presented for the photo shoot. We will use these resources to promote it on our website as a dossier for costumers.

Access is also very important for a potential visit. Keep in mind that tenants have every right to not allow property visits if it is inhabited.

If you would like to discuss the sale of your property, do not hesitate to contact us. You may also fill in and send the contact form so that one of our professionals will contact you.